About Us

Creative Innovations, Inc. was founded by Ronnie Lowell in 2006.  Ronnie has over 23+ years of personal and professional experience working with individuals with cognitive impairments and functional limitations. Ronnie became involved with Rehabilitative and Community Support Services when her son was diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and ADHD.  Since founding Creative Innovations, Inc.,  Ronnie and the staff have held to a very simple philosophy: exceptional service to our clients and their families.  We want to ensure that these relationships continue well into the future.

Mission Statement:

We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving client needs.

Creative Innovations, Inc.provides rehabilitative and community support services (also known as Section 28 of the Maine Care Regulations) to children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional limitations from the ages of 1 to 20 years old.  Under the Rehabilitative and Community Support Services of Maine Care Section 28 regulations, our staff provide skill teaching in areas of “problem solving activities in order to help the member develop and maintain skills and abilities necessary to manage his or her behavioral health treatment needs, learning the social skills and behaviors necessary to live with and interact with other community members and independently, and to build or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults, learning the skills that will improve a member’s self awareness, environmental awareness, social appropriateness and support social integration, and learning awareness of and appropriate use of community services and resources” (source: Children’s Behavioral Health Services / Department of Health and Human Services).


Daily living skills: hygiene, preparing meals, dressing, laundry etc.

Behavioral management: managing and/or attempting to control their behavior when they are angry, anxious, frustrated, scared etc.

Community: awareness of available resources, social skills, where to go for help, finding their natural supports, engaging in social activities with peers.

For more information go to:  www.maine.gov/dhhs/ocfs/cbhs/

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